PT UP2U Surf And Adventures
Terms & Conditions

Once a guest (s) booking has been confirmed the guest (s) and PT UP2U Surf And Adventures are bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

Guests need be aware that when they participate in any surf activities offered by PT UP2U SURF AND ADVENTURES they participate totally at their own risk

1. Surf Lessons No Shows

If a guest (s) does not show up on the day of their booking there will be no refunds nor reschedules approved.

2. On The Day Cancellations/Reschedules


If a guest (s) cancels on the day of their booking is non refundable.


If a guest (s) wishes to reschedule on the day of their booking there is a 75.000 Rupiah reschedule fee per person.

But PT UP2U Surf And Adventures requires a minimum of 4 business hours notification.

If PT UP2U Surf And Adventures does not get a reschedule request within this timeline the booking will fall under the above cancellation policy and isn't refundable.

3. Surf Package Cancellations

Guests are entitled to a 50% refund if PT UP2U Surf School And Adventures is given more than 48 hours notification before the start date.

If cancellation has been made under this timeline no refund will be given.

If guests cancel their multiple day package after their start date there is no refund nor transfers to other people given for the remainding credit of the package.

This above does not apply to any promotional nor sales packages (read item 4).

4. Promotional Or Sales Packages Cancellations

No refunds or transfers to other people will be approved regardless of the amount of notification that guests give PT. UP2U Surf And Adventures.

5. If PT UP2U Surf And Adventures Cancels A Lesson

PT UP2U Surf And Adventures will not cancel any surf lesson (s) unless it's deemed the condition are unsafe to surf.

If guests can't reschedule PT UP2U Surf And Adventures will refund the full amount.

The cancellation decision is made by PT UP2U Surf And Adventures and not the customer.

6. If It Rains

Surf lessons will still proceed if it is raining or is forecasted to rain.

7. Guest (s) Finishes Lesson Early

If guest decides to stop the lesson before it’s been completed there is no refund, credits or transfers.

8. Surf Lesson (s) Transfers

Guest (s) cannot transfer their remaining surf package (s) to other people.

9. Guest (s) Leaves Indonesia

Any reservations or bookings automatically become void without any form of refund. Any requests to transfer to another person won't be approved.

10. Travel Insurance - Injuries and/or Lost Property

Guests need to be aware that once they agree to surf with PT UP2U Surf And ADVENTURES THEY PARTICIPATE AT THEIR OWN RISK!

Guests MUST have their own insurance to cover any medical costs or loss of property.

PT UP2U Surf And Adventures or any of its partners are not responsible in any way or form for any medical costs or any lost cost (s) from any activity offered by PT UP2U Surf And Adventures.

We strongly advise that anyone who travels to Bali have their own travel insurance.

11. Equipment Rental

Any damage caused by a guest renting any equipment from PT UP2U Surf And Adventures must pay for the damages before they leave the premises.

12. Booking Deposits - Cash or Online

Are non-refundable nor transferable.

13. Credit Card/Online Payments

Any merchant fees are passed onto the buyer. PT UP2U Surf And Adventures is not responcible for these fees.