Surf With UP2U Surf School Bali


Eugen-Geppart – Germany

The staff, the atmosphere and the admission guarantee you a successful lesson. After a short briefing you start to surf. You get very quickly successful experiences because the teachers tell you everything super good. While you surf, great and professional photos will shot of you. In addition to the surfboard everyone gets a T-shirt for free so you do not get a sunburn, while you are surfing. I can recommend to anyone this school. The prices for all of these services are very good.

Christine – Darwin Australia

I just wanted to give a plug to Paul and his very talented Surf Instructors. We visited last September and my 15 yo son was desperate to learn to Surf. Up 2 U Surf School was the obvious choice - great location with friendly and helpful instructors. After 1 lesson he looked like a natural...but after having such a great time we decided to go back for 2 more lessons. The instructors speak great english and seem to really love what they do. Along with the lessons there is also a photographer that will snap off some awesome shots of you in action...we couldn't resist...they are really well priced and are put on a disc for you to bring home. All in all a great experience...we will definitely be back on our next adventure to Bali.

UP2U Surf School - Hey there Christine - Yes your son was one of our most keen young surfers. Hope you are well in Darwin

Rod – New York USA

It took a few tries, but under their tutelage I was able to look like I knew what I was doing. The best part was the fact that once I was able to get up, their expert photographer snapped several great shots of me. I have included one to show you how boss I looked. Don't write me for surfing instructions, just contact these guys.

UP2U Surf School - Hey there Rod - It was great to have you surf with us please feel free to come back for another surf with us again

Bruce – Newcastle Australia

Bruce/Jayden/Ruby Newcastle Australia Hey Paul thanks for the surf lesson it was the best part of the holiday. Will be back in April will look you and the boys up.

UP2U Surf School - Awesome Bruce was fun have you the kids surf with us c ya next year mate :-)

Erin – Manchester UK

Thanks for giving me such a fantastic time in the beginners class. UP2U made me feel like a true surfer! The instructors were so professional I was such a great experience!

UP2U Surf School - Erin, it was our pleasure to have you in our class let us know when you are coming back :)

John – Melbourne Australia

The instructors were so good, I did the beginners course and it was so much fun. I was shown the basics so well it was very easy to follow and when we started to surf their constant supervision and coaching was flawless and I stood up in my first class. I can’t wait to go back home and practice, practice and practice I had so much fun – surfing is definitely the best sport in the world see you guys in a year and I’m telling all my friends to come to UP2U what a great experience it was learning to surf with guys.

UP2U Surf School - John, you really impressed the instructors they said you were a natural – maybe you can work for us next year and you can teach your friends hehehe.

Russ – New York USA

Couldn’t ask for a better surf school in Bali! You can feel that they are serious about wanting to teach the true spirit of surfing. Seeing the cars come with boards on the roof made me feel like I was definitely going for a surf and it was a great surprise to find out that one of the instructors was the owner of UP2U – thanks Paul you know your stuff! It’s great when you come across a company that is so dedicated to the sport I’m sending your Facebook details to everyone, see you again.

UP2U Surf School - Hey Russ, thanks for choosing UP2U and yes it was a laugh to see everyone’s face when I told them I was the owner we hope to see you again mate. Paul :)

Roxy - London England

SO, SO, SO much fun! The instructors were great and pretty cute too ☺ I had a great time guys and I couldn’t believe I stood up – I thought I didn’t have any sporting skills at all hehehe.

UP2U Surf School - Hey Roxy :) you were laughing that much we thought you were going to explode LOL it was so awesome to see you stand your smile could be seen from the Moon – drop us an e-mail when you come back we would love to see you again.

Andy/Guy/Lea/Mitch - California USA

Hey guys, the surf safari to Medawi was epic! I couldn’t believe the waves we got I was so tired after surfing all day and thanks heaps to the guide I thought we had to go home at 12 but because the surf was pumping so the instructor said we can surf for longer we were all so stoked – best surfing trip I had.

UP2U Surf School - Heya guys, I had a look at some of your pictures and it definitely was pumping I wish I was the driver that day next time maybe. Paul

John - Amsterdam Netherlands

I was a little worried about the ocean but the coaches were so good I felt no fear when I first started to surf – what a great experience I had so much fun and my mouth was a little sore from all the laughing, thank-you so much

UP2U Surf School - John, it definitely was great to have you we really look forward to teach you surfing again.

Yuni – Seoul South Korea

The lesson was priceless I have never swum in the ocean before and can’t swim but having a life vest on made me feel very safe and the instructors were so understanding and watchful – it was a great experience. I felt like I was part of the family the staff are great I still smile when I remember that day.

UP2U Surf School - Yuni, we knew you would do it next time you won’t need the vest it was a pleasure having you please come back.

Fred – Berlin Germany

I did the three day beginners course it was a great experience and when I went surfing on my own I felt very confident because the course taught me so much about how to surf! I will be holidaying in France and will be surfing confidently there now with all the knowledge I leant from the UP2U instructors, thank-you very much I will visit you again when I’m back in Bali

UP2U Surf School - Fred, hope you shred those waves apart in France and please drop by the school when you are back in Bail.

Arisa – Tokyo Japan

Had very good time leant allot about the beach and surfing どうもありがとう

UP2U Surf School - Arisa, you are welcome.

Alcuino – Madrid Spain

This was the highlight to my trip to Bali. I did the three day intermediate course and I improved my surfing so much in the three days I was worried about the surf safari but the guide was so good and watched my every move I felt safe all the time and when I caught that wave at Ulu’s I was so happy it was better than sex.

UP2U Surf School - Alcuino, yes you definitely improved in those three days and your trip to Ulu’s was great we hear. Next time we will get a video of you surfing Ulu’s and you can show everyone. Say hello to your family to hope they are well.

Leticia – Rio Diginero Brazil

This was my second lesson and it was better than the first the staff are so friendly and are sincerely happy to see me and they remembered my name and my surfing level I could not believe the improvements I saw and the surf trip to Lembongan Island was the best day I had in Bali, thank you so much

UP2U Surf School - Leticia, it was such a great surprise to see you again and yes your surfing has gotten allot better please keep in contact ok we want you to come back for another surf ok.

Anthony/Jill/Jeff – Toronto Canada

We would like to thank you all at UP2U we had such a great time in the intermediate lesson and yes you are right surfing is different from snowboarding. The staff are all so helpful and watched us all so carefully it was truly a great experience for us all.

UP2U Surf School - Hey people, yes it is a little different but you all excelled in the lessons your sense of balance definitely helped come back and we will take you on a Safari, see you again☺

Ben – Vienna Austria

I came back, and I will definitely come back again! I can’t believe the feeling surfing gave me it was like I was on a high – such a great experience with so many laughs.

UP2U Surf School - Ben, anytime you are welcome.

Roy – Helsinki Finland

Wow! So good I loved every day.

UP2U Surf School - Roy, now you know how awesome surfing is!

Tiffany – Newcastle England

I was amazed I’m very unfit but the way the coaches cared for me was so nice I felt so confident and I did not think I would ever standup but I got there. See you all again.

UP2U Surf School - Tiffany, all it takes is a positive attitude we knew you could do it!