Bali Surf Lesson Structure

Below is our surf program at UP2U Surf School Bali over a 5 days surf lesson package. Completing this surf lesson program you will able to not surf in Bali only but it will enable to to go surfing all over the world. We are sure that you will gain alot of awesome information about surfing whilst at UP2U, we can’t wait to take you for a surf here in Bali and introduce you to the awesome world of surfing, you will be addicted!


Each lesson is 2.5 hours
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Theoretical Practical

Lesson 1

Identify surfing hazards Correct mounting technique
Parts of the surfboard Correct surfboard positioning
Safe surfboard handling Correct paddling technique
Correct standing technique
Dismounting a surfboard safely
Safe surfboard handling
Learning how to enter the ocean safely
Catching and riding a white wave
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Lesson 2

Wave identification Standing turtle rolls - nose and tail
Types of wind direction Deceleration and acceleration moves
How waves are generated Catching white waves unassisted
Different surf conditions
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Lesson 3

Channel identification Using channels
Forehand and backhand turn Pulling a surfboard
Surfing styles - goofy and regular Turning - Backhand and Forehand
How waves are generated
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Lesson 4

How to read surf reports Pulling a surf board
Using surf cams Catching green wave's
Reading tide charts Trimming and riding green wave's
Types of surf breaks
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Lesson 5

Mapping a surf trip Catching green waves
How the moon affects the surf
Surf Etiquette
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