Kids Surf School in Bali

Have a bit of time away from the kids, do some shopping or relax while you have a nice massage - Sounds nice yeah?

Why not book your kids a surf lesson at UP2U Surf School Bali they will love surfing here in Bali and will have the time of their life!

Safety is first at UP2U and kids need closer attention in a closely supervised environment this is why there is 1 surf coach per 2 kids, safety first!

Kids Surf Lesson In Bali

Lessons Rupiah / child Bookings
1 Lesson
SALE PRICE - 135.000
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2 Lessons
SALE PRICE - 260.000
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3 Lessons
SALE PRICE - 390.000
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4 Lessons
SALE PRICE - 520.000
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5 Lessons
SALE PRICE - 650.000
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Bali Surf lesson times

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Kids Surf Lesson Description

Children are amazing at learning how to surf this surf lesson is similar to what is covered in the beginner’s surf lessons with a major focus on safety!

Please Note

If you like have an additional instructor there is an additional charge of 100,000 rupiah per child per lesson.

Topics Covered In Our Kids Surf Lessons

  • Identify the types of waves suitable for surfing
  • Surfing hazards - what to look out for
  • Surf equipment and clothing
  • Choosing the right surf conditions
  • Identifying suitable weather conditions for surfing
  • Correct laying positioning
  • Correct paddling technique
  • Achieving the correct standing position
  • Dismounting a surfboard safely
  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Safe surfboard handling
  • How to enter the ocean safely
  • Surfing etiquette
  • Correct wave position – Wave take off zone/setup
  • Controlling the speed of a surfboard
  • Channel identification
  • Wave identification
  • Using channels
  • Green wave take off’s
  • Trimming a wave
  • Forehand and backhand turns

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Free Online Surf Tutorials

At UP2U Surf School Bali you will cover different surf topics, you will learn to surf safely not only in Bali but also anywhere in the world.

CLICK HERE and check out our kids surf lesson tutorials.