We are located next door to the The Azul Beach Club Legian if you do have trouble finding UP2U.

CLICK HERE this will open Google Maps, please enter your origin then select the search button it will show the best route to follow.

Note - There are many one way roads in Bali please be aware that google maps may not know this.

The English to Indonesian translation for road is ‘Jalan’.


Coming from Kuta towards Seminyak you will be travel along Jalan Pantai Kuta it’s the main road that runs along Kuta beach.

As you travel along Jalan Pantai there are some landmarks on your right to look out for.

Once you reach the end of Jalan Pantai Kuta on your left you will see two tall beach temple gates please keep going straight.

You will then see a large iron gate.

Travel through this gate, on the right there is the Legian Beach Hotel keep travelling past this hotel along this grey paved pedestrian walkway that runs on the beach side of this hotel.

UP2U is about a 100 meters on the right just after the Legian Beach Hotel.

Please note:
UP2U is not located on the beach but can be found on your right just after the Legian Beach Hotel.

Looking forward to meeting you and have a surf together!